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Other Coin-Op Interests

  • trade stimulators of all makes & models

  • antique gumball machines

  • antique “illegal club” casino chips and poker chips

Trade stimulators were coin-operated gambling devices built generally by the same companies that manufactured slot machines, though there were a few others. Two things differentiated them from full-size slot machines: they were smaller & lighter, and most did not pay off in coin the way slots did. Instead, customers were paid off by the house (usually a grocery store or similar establishment) in either cash, coin, cigarettes, or other novel prizes. We buy, sell, & repair them. Below are a few pictorial examples.

 Mercury 1-cent
trade stimulator
with 20 tokens
$450 incl SH&I

trade stimulator
$450 incl SH&I
Imp 1-cent  trade
$250 incl
 We also collect antique gumball machines in any condition, including but not limited to Columbus, William Michael, Vendex, Atlas, Northwestern, Victor, etc. Below are a few pictorial examples.
And, of course, also central to coin-op antiques at one point in history were gambling chips.  These originally took form as “illegal club” chips and also private poker chips. They were made of everything from ivory to compressed clay. Some were stamped, some embossed, and some were even hand-carved. As long as they’re old, we collect them all. Feel free to contact us with what you have. Below are a few pictorial examples.

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