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What We Do
please call: 504 616-3510
  • Buy, sell, repair, & trade antique slot machines and other antique coin-op devices*

  • Perform complete restorations of antique slots provided  by customers

  • Provide FREE appraisals of antique slot machines and other coin-op devices*

  • If you have coin-op antiques, naturally we pay CASH

**Offering Mills, Jennings, and Watling factory like service and complimentary appraisals**

But to be more specific …

Allow us to expound.  First, above all our avocation revolves around the sanctity of the antique slot machine. We never have and never will have anything to do with reproduction slot machines.  Reproduction slot machines are the bane of the antique slot market, a disease ravaging a healthy body. We refuse to buy, sell, or repair them.

Second, we have the only thorough, correct, and historically accurate process for performing complete, museum-quality restorations on antique slot machines. We do this both for our own slots as well as for slots brought to us by customers (prices for customer restorations vary by make & model). However, whenever we manage to find an antique slot in predominantly mint condition, we offer it that way and also advertise it as such. This is simply the natural progression of things. Since mint original condition is what we try to achieve, if we find a slot already in that condition, then the basic tenet of the true slot afficionado has already been achieved. Our specific process for when slots need to be restored involves a comprehensive inside-and-out treatment to efficaciously bring about one result and one result alone: for the slot to look the same way it did when it rolled off the assembly line 50, 80, or even 100+ years ago. This involves having new paint spectrally matched to original paint chips by a factor of 100%. We completely refinish wooden cabinets to their original factory condition using the same old world finishing techniques used by the original factory artisans. Slot mechanisms are completely disassembled then reassembled using original and especially rare factory tuning instruments. This is the only proper way to do it.

Third, when we do a repair job, WE DO A REPAIR JOB.  We have, no joking, the largest supply of original antique slot parts in the country. We’ve been acquiring them for years, and that is why we are able to repair machines that are brought to us using only correct, original parts.  NO BAILING WIRE AND BUBBLE GUM repair jobs from us. Bring us your antique slot, and we’ll repair and tune it to original factory specs.

Fourth, unlike the other guys we do not charge for appraisals. This would run contrary to our basic philosophy of the joys of owning a certified antique slot machine. If you’re fortunate enough to have had one in the family or to have found one recently, then you deserve to know what it is worth.  Our appraisals are based on our 30+ years of experience as well as on real-world market trends specific to the particular make & model you own.  And we honestly know all there is to know about every model ever made.

Lastly, we would like to give you some small insight into what it is to be a real slot collector.  In fact, it’s not much different than being an archaeologist (if you’re doing it right). We have found antique slot machines everywhere from Victorian mansions here in New Orleans to secluded swamp shacks in the surrounding parishes.  We have found them in homes, under homes, in barns, and even hidden inside walls by people who thought they were still illegal. We have necessarily become linguistically inclined so as to understand everything from colorful inner-city idiomatic expressions to obscure French-Cajun dialects in places that are more than slightly off the beaten path.  To say the least, it’s been a lot of fun.

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